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Canada Expat Network

The Canadian Expat Network (CEN) is the leading Canadian expat site for Canadians living abroad. CEN also provides bi-weekly e-newsletters, regular stories of interest, expat webinars, calendar of events, list of Canadian Expat Groups, forum, CDN News feeds, twitter feeds and the Annual Canada Day Expat Giveaway.


Connect2Canada is a network for friends of Canada in the United States. Over 50,000 people have joined “Canada’s network in the United States” since its launch on July 1, 2005. Members can receive updates on a variety of issues, from cross-border business success stories to local Canadian cultural events. To learn more, visit:

Canadian Business Association of North Carolina (CBANC)
The Canadian Business Association of North Carolina (CBANC) is where North Carolina and Canadian leaders meet to share knowledge, connect, network, and build awareness of the significance of the US-Canadian relationship with a special focus on cross-border issues of current concern.

Canada Colorado Association

The Canada Colorado Association is a non-profit, volunteer, social and business networking organization serving Canadians and Friends of Canada proudly living in Colorado.