Play a Canadian game this weekend!

It’s the weekend and to put you in the mood, CanSouth is presenting one of the fun categories of Canadian contributions featured at the International Festival: Games!  The five games listed below were all invented by Canadians…

Balderdash is a board game of bluffing and trivia created by Laura Robinson and Paul Toyne of Toronto. The game was first released in 1984, under Canada Games.
Pictionary is a guessing word game invented by Robert Angel, originally from Vancouver, together with graphic designer Gary Everson. (The red maple leaf on the photo should b nearer to this game as it was invented in 1985–highlighting contributions made during the last 30 years and celebrating the 30th anniversary of Raleigh’s International Festival.)
The game of table hockey was invented in 1932 by the Canadian Donald H. Munro Sr. of Toronto.  The first game went in on a consignment deal at Eaton’s and by the time Mr. Munro got home, the game was sold and more orders were placed.
Trivial Pursuit was created in December 1979 in Montreal by Canadian Chris Haney, a photo editor for Montreal’s The Gazette, and Scott Abbott, a sports editor for The Canadian Press. With the help of John Haney and Ed Werner, they completed development of the game, which was released in 1982.
According to Hasbro, Yatzee was invented by an anonymous Canadian couple, who called it “The Yacht Game” because they played it on their yacht with their friends (during the 1940s).