Homage to Jacques Plante

Fifty-six years ago, on November 1, 1959,  Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens was the first hockey goal tender to wear a face mask in regulation play and introduce it as everyday equipment.

This special contribution to hockey equipment was featured at the Canada Booth during the 2015 International Festival. It was actually the question posed to children and teens (and some adults!) who wished to receive a Canada stamp in their Festival passport: What piece of hockey equipment did goalie Jacques Plante invent to protect himself?

On this November 1, CanSouth is paying homage to this great hockey player by sharing photos of visitors to the Booth who “wore” Plante’s mask for fun.  Enjoy!

CanSouth’s Canadian Heritage posts

Inspired by Historica Canada’s Heritage Minutes, CanSouth will present on its website posts that illustrate important Canadian contributions to the world as featured at the Canada Booth (based on the material collected by “Team Canada” after hours and hours of research!)  We hope you will enjoy these posts and perhaps learn a little something new about Canada. (Gary and Caroline certainly did!)