Day 2 @ the Canada Booth

Another great (and very, very busy) day at the Canada Booth! We received many compliments about the interpretation of the theme and the quality of our booth… where a lot of people (including Canadians) learned new things about Canada and it contributions to the world.

Here are some of the comments we got:
What?! William Shatner is Canadian? (Yep. Captain Kirk is Canadian.)
IMAX is that old? (Yes. It goes back to Expo 67)
Oh! That girl from Grey’s Anatomy is Canadian? (Oh, Sandra Oh.)
What’s a Nanaimo bar? (Response when showed a picture:  Oh! That looks goooood!)
I can’t believe the first portable computer was invented in Canada.
You’re not kidding. All the great hockey players ARE Canadian! (We know!)
Wow! You guys have invented so many things I thought were invented by Americans.
I thought Michael Bublé was British.  (Well, he’s British COLUMBIAN…)
Canada is so cool!  (Why, thank you!)

And here are some pics of the wonderful volunteers who answered tons of questions throughout the day!